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The Italian Stallion Gourmet Pizza Mobile is an Organic Pizza Truck

with a huge passion for real, authentic, organic food!

We are proud to be a part of The Northey St Organic Market community in Windsor QLD.

We have been attending Northey St Markets every Sunday for over 6 years always offering our customers a new organic pizza experience!

We also attend festivals and events in Qld and you can book our Horse Float (The Stallion) to bring fresh and delicious Organic Pizza to your party or special occasion.

Our Dough

Our Pizza Dough is made only using Certified Organic Flour, Organic Homemade Fresh Yeast

and 70% filtered water 

With a high hydration, a slow rising process between 24 and 48 hours we get a thin, soft, crispy, light and healthy pizza base, high in protein and easy to digest.


Our Tomato

 Italian San Marzano Tomato is the main ingredient of our Pizza Sauce. We mix it with Certified Organic Oregano, Basil, EVO Oil and Fine Salt


Our Cheese

BIO Italian Buffalo Mozzarella


Our Toppings

We proudly support local businesses! Only the best selection of Certified Organic Local Veggies and Meats becomes the topping of our Pizzas!


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